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We are an international online community
for educators committed to play-driven practice.
Let's Play!
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Press Play is a vibrant, energetic online community

We’re committed to developing deep, effective play- driven practice throughout primary and beyond. We connect you with leading practitioners and international play experts across the globe and guide you on implementing these concepts in your school. This ultimately results in cultivating highly engaged, creative learners both now and in the future.

This is not a course, but a chance
to connect, learn together, and share practice.

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Become excited about the play-based opportunities

  • Empower your team to make the changes you always knew were possible
  • Create play-based learning opportunities on a daily basis 
  • Connect with other practitioners across the globe who share your philosophy of education
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Engage with leading international experts

  • Guided monthly live discussions and weekly online provocations and discussions
  • A safe space for shared problem solving and guidance
  • The more you contribute to the community the more you will gain
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Cultivate highly engaged, creative learners

  • Through empowering their educators to innovate, inquire, share and be brave.
  • Watertight in advocating clearly the benefits for pupils.

How does “Press Play” work?

1. Community

A private, accessible and safe space to develop content and share ideas.

We will send you little “thought bites” to maximise the use of our platform so you never get lost and can always make the most of your learning experience.

2. Speakers

You will get to co-create monthly interviews with world-class play experts.

This is one of the most exciting aspects of our community - You will gain insights never previously explored and will provoke thinking never previously articulated. 

3. Guidance

You will receive provocations and discussion points based on your interests, needs and take-aways. 

We will always be at hand to support, guide and feedback on your journey. This is how we keep the spark alive.

4. Results

Embed the ideas and practice from 10 leading play thinkers.

By the end of our 10 month programme, you will have co-created content with and discussed how to embed the ideas and practice from 10 leading play thinkers. Your school community will be a different place.

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Let’s get your head playing!

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Leading minds to connect with

Headshot of speaker Kulvarn Atwal

Dr Kulvarn Atwal

Headshot of international speaker Kath Murdock

Kath Murdoch

Headshot of international speaker

Liz Pemberton

Headshot of international speaker Julie Fisher

Julie Fisher

Headshot of speaker Bill Lucas

Bill Lucas

Headshot of international speaker Anne van dam

Anne van Dam

What’s in the community

  • Co-created content - you tell us what you need
  • Instant access and connection with play-centred schools
  • 10 Monthly live interviews with the world’s leading play experts - you ask the questions
  • Ongoing discussions in a safe, closed online community
  • Reconnect with your purpose, passion and inspiration
  • Be bursting with ideas to put into practice
  • Get feedback from leading practitioners across the globe
  • Embed play-based learning in your context
  • Weekly discussion posts
  • Monthly “lives” with lead thinkers
  • Broken down micro-content from “lives”
  • Reflection and implementation ideas from shared reads about play-based pedagogy

Meet your guides

Headshot of Kym Scott

Kym Scott

Early Childhood Consultant

Hi I’m Kym, an established conference speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of early years education. I’ve been a passionate advocate of meaningful, authentic play experiences  for 30 years now and have spent 20 of those years working in partnership with schools both in the UK and overseas, helping leaders grapple with effectively providing play based learning…

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Headshot of Becky Carlzon

Becky Carlzon

Teacher, author, community creator.

Hi, I’m Becky, relentless optimistic, lead learner and brave classroom practitioner. Some cool stuff I’ve done are: Taught in schools and year groups across the globe, Written a “nearly-award-winning” book with Professor Guy Claxton, co-created a successful online international learning community for educators at the leading edge of their practice…

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We got your options covered

We’ve developed a 3-tier pricing structure so no matter where you are in your journey of knowledge or investment, there is always room for you in our community

Entry Level

  • 15-20% of your staff gain instant access
  • Access to recordings of the monthly live sessions
  • Opportunity to interact with educators and schools across the globe who are also developing play
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  • 15-20% of your staff gain instant access
  • Co-create content, direction and speaker list
  • Co-create “lives” with the world’s leading play experts
  • Weekly posts with micro-content from lives, discussion points
  • Feedback and live commentary from Kym and Becky
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  • All of co-created content.

  • One leader and one teacher joins bi-monthly Masterminds
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Why do you suggest signing up 20% of our staff?

How should we decide who gets access to the community?

How is this community more impactful or different from whole school PD?

How can we pay?

Can individual teachers join?

I have some specific questions. How can I find out more?

Why are the packages priced as they are?

What if we're a smaller school with a smaller budget?

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