Entry Level Community

Connect with schools across the globe; embed asychronously with your own team.

This option is ideal for you if you and your staff would like  develop play-based practice in your own time. You will get to watch interviews from leading world speakers in your own time and digest the learnings and take-aways with your staff. Other schools across the globe will be following the same journey you are - You will have the opportunity to interact and connect with these schools.

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Who’s it for?

Schools who:

  • Are interested in developing and deepening play-based practice
  • Want to learn from the world’s leading play experts
  • Prefer asynchronous content, such as watching “lives” in their own time
  • Would like to plan their own play learning journey

Key facts:

  • 15-20% of your school’s staff will be able to access our community

What do we get?

Access to the wider community

Access to monthly interviews with leading play experts

Opportunity to connect and interact with schools across the globe following the same journey as you.

You can join right now...

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