Co-creative Community

Tailor content to your context; co-create with the world's leading minds.

This is an exciting option for your school if you would like to have a front seat and input into learning discussions with the world's leading play thinkers. You and your staff will also have the opportunity to think carefully and deeply about aspects of play-based practice and will have feedback from both Kym and Becky within the community. You will be connected with schools across the globe who are as passionate about play as you are. The combination of lead thinkers, co-created discussions and content and thoughtful discussions will put you and your school at the leading edge of play-based practice.

Who’s it for?

Schools who:

  • Want to guide, drive and tailor their own journey of growth
  • Want the opportunity to co-create and be part of “live” interviews with our leading play experts
  • Would benefit from weekly discussion posts to keep them on track and sharing thinking with like-minded schools
  • Would benefit from a continual learning dialogue with Kym, Becky and other play practitioners within the community
  • Are ready to invest time, focus and commitment into their play journey
  • Want to see tangible impact and change on a day-to-day basis

Key facts:

  • 15-20% of your school’s staff will be able to access our community
  • This is a co-creative and interactive community. The more you interact, the more you and your team will see the impact.

What do we get?

All of the benefits of the Entry Level Community:

Access to the wider community

Access to monthly interviews with leading play experts

Opportunity to connect and interact with schools across the globe following the same journey as you.


Instant access into a buzzing online community of international play-centred practitioners and schools

An opportunity to co-plan our learning journey based on your schools’ development plan and needs

An opportunity to tailor monthly interviews with leading play experts such as Julie Fisher, Kath Murdoch and Liz Pemberton

Weekly reflection posts, breaking down key points from “live” Q and A’s

Commentary, feedback and insight from Kym Scott and Becky Carlzon.

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